parcel insurance

Before subscribing to an insurance, many people hesitate. For many, it can often feel frustrating to pay an additional price for something you are not sure you will need. Actually, you are paying for something you are hoping you won’t need!

So, is it really worth spending the money?

In short: yes and no. Generally, it will only depend on what you are sending and how much it is worth.

For instance, sending something fragile like an art piece can potentially be damaged through the post. In this case, taking a parcel insurance guarantees you will be compensated in case your item is damaged or broken. If you are sending something very valuable like a high-tech item or a luxury watch, insuring it will also be a safer bet. Indeed, it is a much more cost-effective approach to protect yourself in case something unfortunate happens.

However, when your item is worth under a hundred euros and isn’t fragile, insuring it is often not necessary or worth it as the price of the insurance will be high compared to your item’s value. Therefore, many people feel the chances it will be damaged or lost are too small to pay the price. But of course, you can never be too safe!

Which insurance should I choose?

There are many different insurance providers that offer parcel insurance, so it is important to know what they exactly cover. Most carriers limit their insurance coverage to items worth under a couple thousand euros and have many exclusions. For instance, phones, jewellery, and watches are among some of the most common items excluded from the insurance coverage of carriers.

At Secursus, we made a point of keeping our list of exclusions as short as possible. Whether you are sending high tech, luxury watches, handbags, jewellery, or even art pieces, you can insure it with us! We cover items worth up to €100.000 with a fixed rate of 0,6% of their value. And if your parcel is actually lost or damaged, you will be fully compensated with no deductible. With a minimum of €5 per package, this allows you to insure almost everything!

If you would like to know more about how to insure your parcels with Secursus, click here.