My Flying Box is an international delivery service that allows you to compare the different transport offers while allowing you to benefit from preferential rates for your shipments. With My Flying Box, you no longer need to look at and compare different offers separately on the internet during hours!

By comparing the offers, the service allows you to choose the best transport solution for sending your package. A simple way to save time and money! My Flying Box was founded by Valérie De Jésus in 2011, who, after spending more than 10 years working in the express transport world (and particularly at UPS), wanted to offer this innovative service, with the idea of creating a tool to simplify delivery, pool shipments and thus benefit from economies of scale.

My Flying Box was born out of the explosion of e-commerce, after a lot of time spent studying the logistical problems encountered in particular by the sellers of sites such as Le Bon Coin, Etsy, Vide-dressing…

Since then, My Flying Box has grown in 9 years from a one-person project, Valérie De Jesus, to a fine SME with a dozen employees, able to send thousands of parcels to more than 30 countries worldwide.

A cheap shipping service dedicated to professionals:

The service is simple and allows any company (small or large) to have immediate access to negotiated rates for all major carriers. The service is worldwide and you have the possibility to send and receive all your parcels, simply, in all countries of the world.

My Flying Box gives contractors, innovators, e-merchants and VSEs the means to improve the performance of their logistics issues and to ship at the best price in an increasingly competitive global market.

 How to access the service?

Opening an account on My Flying Box is completely free. My Flying Box is a service reserved for professionals and freelancers. To register, you will be asked for some information about your company, your phone number, your email and your VAT number.

Don’t hesitate to register to send your parcels with My Flying Box!

At what cost?

To find out the cost of shipping a parcel, several pieces of information are required:

– Address and country of shipment

– Address and country of destination

– Dimensions of the parcel (Careful) – Weight of the parcel

Once the information is entered, the rates are calculated for each carrier and you can choose the shipping solution that suits you.

Be careful to inform the dimensions of your package after packing, indeed an increase in the size of the package, even due to its packaging, may lead to an increase in the price of the shipment.

Package insurance (recommended)

My Flying Box is partnered with Secursus. Whenever you ship a parcel, you have the option to insure it directly with Secursus if you wish.

Package insurance is strongly recommended if you wish to ship a valuable parcel. For a few euros, your merchandise is covered and reimbursed in case of damage, loss or theft.

We tried My Flying Box for you:

What better example than an example to illustrate this service! We have tested My Flying Box for you by sending two parcels, a first one from Paris to Lyon and a second one from Paris to London.

Here are some examples of delivery times and prices displayed:

Parcel n°1: Paris to Lyon

Characteristics of the parcel :

– 50cm x 50cm x 50cm

– 5kg

Point Relais: a price of about 7€ including VAT is proposed for a delivery time of 3 to 6 days. Chronopost: for an even faster delivery time a one-day delivery is offered at the price of 26€ VAT included.

Packing n°2: Paris to London

Characteristics of the package:

– 65cm x 65cm x 65cm

– 5kg

Colissimo international: a price of about 36€ including VAT is proposed for a delivery time of 3 to 8 days.

Chronopost Classic International: for an even faster delivery time a delivery of 2 to 4 days is offered for a price around 82€ VAT included.

To give you an idea here is an overview of the interface offered by My Flying Box:

As you can see My Flying Box allows you to quickly compare prices and delivery times between different carriers worldwide. So you can choose your carrier according to your criteria and select the one that suits you best in just a few clicks!

Why do we recommend using My Flying Box?

My Flying Box is an innovative and easy-to-use service to ship your parcels worldwide. If you are a professional who regularly ship parcels, this service is for you!

With more than 30 partner carriers worldwide such as FedEx, UPS, DHL (and many others), My Flying Box is a complete solution to send your packages under the best conditions.