My Flying Box founded by Valérie De Jesus is an international express delivery service. You can deliver your goods worldwide in a time-record and at a low cost. Specialized for companies, My Flying Box is easy and quick to use.

All companies (small or large) can have access to the best express carriers available in all countries of the world in less than 5 minutes. Tariffs are also always highly negotiated.

This service is offered not only to the French market, but to the whole world. Its objective is to allow any market, classified site, commercial site or other site to provide in a few hours solutions for the transport of parcels.

How does it work?

Account opening is completely free and is available immediately after registration.

You just need to create an account for your company. Simply enter your e-mail and telephone number and your company’s VAT. If your company is located outside Europe you will need to send the identification number.

Then fill in the information on your shipment and compare the different offers, select an offer, credit your account to create your shipping note, choose the removal date, fill in the addresses and print your shipping note. You can then send your parcel!

Why choose My Flying Box?

It’s the easiest service to ship, receive or return a parcel around the world. No complications and fast transport of parcels without borders around the world.

With more than 30 partner carriers around the world such as FedEx, UPS, DHL and many others to ensure the best possible parcel shipments.

Insure your parcels

In addition, My Flying Box is partnered with the Secursus service every time you deliver a package you have the option to insure it directly with Secursus if you wish.

This is highly recommended in the case of packages of value in particular. For a small price your goods are covered and refunded in case of damage, loss or theft.