Parcel shipping

As online marketplaces and e-commerce are progressively replacing traditional sales, parcel shipping has been experiencing significant growth as well.

According to a study by Pitney Bowes, 87 billion parcels were shipped in 2018 worldwide, which equals to 2760 parcels per second. These remarkable figures represent a 9,1% growth on the previous year and 12 more billion parcels than in 2017.

Therefore, the challenges of this market are major: reducing delivery times, developing out-of-home delivery solutions, improving the traceability of shipments and the ease of returns, as well as lowering the failure rate during the first presentation, are all elements on which carriers must constantly improve.

A demanding sector

Consequently, parcel shipping must be highly efficient. The digital age has made customers more demanding as they expect an increasingly fast service. Social media also plays into it: customers now contact their carrier on Facebook or Twitter as soon as a small issue arises. Price comparators are also becoming extremely popular and increasing competition.

Under these circumstances, new players are emerging in the sector, such as brokers. With negotiated rates, they are able to offer the same service at reduced prices. This is for example the case with My Flying Box, a French company allowing you to compare the prices of different carriers and then easily ship them – all through the same website.

What about insurance?

With a growing number of parcels being shipped comes a growing number of lost or damaged parcels.

To prepare for any contingency, parcel insurance is necessary. But with lengthy lists of exclusions and not enough transparency, customers often find it difficult to know what their options are and what exactly is covered. To fill this gap, it is possible to purchase an insurance that is independent from the carrier and can cover a wider range of goods.

With this in mind, Secursus was created to offer consumers an insurance that covers 100% of the loss or damage of their parcel, with a value that can reach 100,000€. Jewelry, watches, high tech, art pieces: this insurance allows you to cover high-value parcels that would often be excluded from a regular insurance. It’s quick and easy!

To read more about how to insurance your high-value parcels with Secursus, click here!